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Smartbio | Indonesia Nanobiology Institute
Smartbio is a group of people with difference academic backgrounds. Prof. Sutiman B. Sumitro is a cellular and molecular biologist, Dr. Gretha is chemical physicist, Dr. Djoko is physicist majoring in material science, Dr. Yudhi is physicist majoring on smoke characterization, Dr. Bagyo is Cardiac surgery, Dr. Sri Kumala is a food scientist (Biochemist, microbiologist). We are also supported with some other young academicians with PhD degree, mainly majoring in Molecular Biology

Biological systems are inherently nano in scale. Unlike nanotechnology, nanobiology is characterized by the interplay between physics, materials science, synthetic organic chemistry, engineering and biology. Nanobiology is a new discipline, with the potential of revolutionizing medicine: it combines the tools, ideas and materials of nanoscience and biology; it addresses biological problems that can be studied and solved by nanotechnology; it devises ways to construct molecular devices using biomacromolecules; and it attempts to build molecular machines utilizing concepts seen in nature. Its ultimate aim is to be able to predictably manipulate these, tailoring them to specified needs. Nanobiology targets biological systems and uses biomacromolecules.

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  • Presentation and discussion with Medical faculty of Universitas Diponegoro led by Prof. Sarjadi

    Presentation and discussion with Medical faculty of Universitas Diponegoro led by Prof. Sarjadi held on 8th October 2011 in Dr. Kariadi hospital. The attendance was medical experts and postgraduate specialist student especially from surgery expertise. The focussed topic is to … Continue reading

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  • Presentasi di Australia & New Zealand

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  • Tsutimanco could be GOOD for you: Modified cigarette plant used to create HIV drug in landmark trial

    By Daily Mail Reporter Aspirin, Ginseng and Caffeine are just some of the useful medications produced by plants. Now scientists have adapted the much maligned tobacco plant to create a drug they hope will combat HIV. UK regulators have approved the first clinical … Continue reading

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  • The Controversial of Nicotine in Tobacco

    Since the industry was growing fast at l970-1975, particularly Indonesia which has many volcano land (75 % from the world) started with exploration. Mining & Gas industry explored mercury/amalgamate which coming in contact with solar-ray to become Hg* /amalgamate* (exited … Continue reading

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  • Overcoming Cigarette for Health without altering the Flavor (Brief illustration of scientific background and evidences)

    SB. Sumitro* and G. Zahar** *Nanobiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Brawijaya University, Malang 65145 **Free Radicals Institute, Jl. Surakarta 5, Malang 65143 A. The Basic Philosophy and Concept This is about technology to eliminate free-radicals and … Continue reading

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  • Pemahaman Holistic Ilmu-ilmu Hayati Melalui Pendekatan Complexity Science dan Nanobiologi

    Sutiman B. Sumitro Guru Besar Biologi Sel dan Molekuler Dosen Program Doktor Biologi dan Biomedik, Universitas Brawijaya   Ringkasan Selama ini, menurut kaidah Fisika, pendekatan Biologi diklasifikasikan sebagai cara berfikir Newtonian. Maksudnya, seluruh fakta Biologi hanya dikembangkan dari fenomena yang … Continue reading

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  • The Balur and Divine Kretek Therapy (The philosophy and basic ideas)

    By Gretha Zahar In principal we are trying to understand the living system using the modern physic theory. We do understand that many people are in doubts curiosity since the logical manner for the discussion is at the subatomic level. … Continue reading

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