Gretha Zahar curriculum vitae


Nama: Dr. Gretha Zahar
Lahir: Salatiga, 1939
Pendidikan: 1968 Sarjana Kimia Organik, Universitas Padjajaran
1980-1993Topik: Pendidikan Pasca Sarjana (S3) Kimia Nuklir bidang Kimia Dasar Radiasi, Universitas PadjajaranMemantapkan teori biradikal yang masih tersembunyi
Pengalaman kerja: 1963-1970 Asisten staf pengajar Unpad
1971-1994 Staf Pengajar Unpad, bidang kimia organik
1984 Bekerja di Laboratorium CSIRO Lucas Height, New South Wales, Australia
1986 Bekerja di Laboratorium Strahlenchemie, Giessen, Jerman
1988 Invite Speaker di 14th AINSE Nuclear Science Conference, 7 November1988, Lucas Height, New South Wales, Australia. (diorbitkan oleh pendiri CSIRO, David Sangster karena teori kontradiksi berproduk biradikal yang dibuktikan di laboratoriumnya)
Topik Associated 3,4-DiHydroxy-Nitrocyclohexadienyl Triplet Radical From g-ray 60Co Irradiated Nitrobenzene in Aqueous Solution
1998-sekarang Membuka Klinik Balur dengan teori dasar biradikal
Juli 2006 Menemukan “energetic particle ” pada limbah balur
Juli 2007 Menemukan metode mengubah rokok menjadi tak beracun
Profession or area of expertise
lecturer and grounded research scientist in radicals of human body, and nano humantecnology
I am qualified to offer solutions in the area of —
Health, Mind Consciousness or Spirit, Science & Technology, Environmental Improvement
About me
I m spiritual scientist research woman. Since 1998, experience in research of human body deseases, with the methode of “Balur” detoxification human body with radicals scavengers in water solution It was successfully a love methode resulted holistic.The waste of “balur” is varied nano human product Pokies.( proved 2006) On July 2007 I invented Divine cigarette, it was a GIFT from Almighty , which belongin to the world, we (&Sutiman) with faith feel that nano particle of the amazing tobacco Divine smoke able to change the world to positif side.Since April I am staying with my son Alvin fam,and on 23 June back to Jakarta, I knew that the pharmacy will be terroring us for saving their program of Nicotine war (antis smoker were paid by pharm) . Our research were self finance,untill today we can survive because of our faith. May be we need a spritual person like Mr Bill Gates (I ever saw him with Oprah on TV) ‘My feeling is Indonesia with poluted mercury under the sea( process of tailing mining industry) and extrageous Hg in atmospher will be the root problem of global warming. Please help us. Thank you Regards Gretha Z
Website, if any
Prof Sutiman Bambang PhD group of Brawijaya University in Malang , a “meditative” multidicipline scientist.( Muslim)
Dr Iwan Budiman MD, MSc , Budist with six sence
We will make affiliation with Mr Agung in Bali (Hindu)
Service/s or product/s offered
Clinic “Balur” in Jakarta, Bandung, Malang (Center) and Next Bali
Divine Kretek Cigarette(DKC) and filter Divine , that the DKC used for healing all cancers, lung,lymphoma ,stroke,
Als, special needs, drug,HIV, etc