About Us

We are group of people with difference academic backgrounds. Prof. Sutiman B. Sumitro is a cellular and molecular biologist, Dr. Gretha is chemical physicist, Dr. Djoko is physicist majoring in material science, Dr. Yudhi is physicist majoring on smoke characterization, Dr. Bagyo is Cardiac surgery, Dr. Sri Kumala is a food scientist (Biochemist, microbiologist). We are also supported with some other young academicians with PhD degree, mainly majoring in Molecular Biology.

We have Microbiological laboratory but did not focused on pathogenic problems. We have also molecular biological laboratories equipped with representative analytical apparatus such as Real Time PCR, ESR, Confocal laser for FRET analysis, ELISA, Western Blot, In situ Hybridization, Ultracentrifuge, Nano-spectrophotrometer, Animal Cell Culture as well as micromanipulator for cell surgery, etc.

In principal we are trying to understand the living system using the modern physic theory. We do understand that many people are in doubts curiosity since the logical manner for the discussion is at the subatomic level. In fact, we are really inspired by the Dr. Fritjof Capra’s thought presented at First Biennial International Seminar on the Philosophical of Complexity Theory in Havana (January 2002). The full paper of his thought is written in a book entitled “Reframing complexity, Perspective from the North to South”. We can also find further inquiries of the ideas in his other book entitled “The Tao of Physics”. We are interested in a complexity science approach which may help our understanding of the unity of dynamics of non-living and living phenomena. A complexity theory together with relativity theory and quantum mechanics, phenomenology and cognitivism has led further to recognize the inseparability of subject and object of cognition.

 Nanobiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory                                                  
 Faculty of Science and Mathematics                                                                        
 Brawijaya University Malang 65145
 Free Radicals Institute                                                                            
 JL. Surakarta no.5 Malang 65143