The Balur and Divine Kretek Therapy (The philosophy and basic ideas)

By Gretha Zahar

In principal we are trying to understand the living system using the modern physic theory. We do understand that many people are in doubts curiosity since the logical manner for the discussion is at the subatomic level. In fact, we are really inspired by the Dr. Fritjof Capra’s thought presented at First Biennial International Seminar on the Philosophical of Complexity Theory in Havana (January 2002). The full paper of his thought is written in a book entitled “Reframing complexity, Perspective from the North to South”. We can also find further inquiries of the ideas in his other book entitled “The Tao of Physics”. We are interested in a complexity science approach which may help our understanding of the unity of dynamics of non-living and living phenomena. A complexity theory together with relativity theory and quantum mechanics, phenomenology and cognitivism has led further to recognize the inseparability of subject and object of cognition.

We consider this complexity concepts cover self-organization and edge-of-chaos phenomena in the living systems. As may we know that in the basic process of life (called metabolism), there is ceaseless flow of energy and matter through a network of chemical reactions, which enables a living organism to continually generate, repair and perpetuate itself. Thermodynamically, the ordered structure of the living system is maintained by continually exert entropy to the outside of the system. The characteristic of living system is that they are self-generating. Our experience in introducing tubulin proteins isolated from bovine brain, which can be polymerized into microtubule of both in vitro as well as in sea urchin cells, then also autonomously disassembled at the end of the biological events (namely anaphase stage of the mitosis), indicated that the tubulin has the idea of where, when and to whom it may contact with to proceed role in a living system.

In case of Balur treatment, our technique aimed to leach free radicals overwhelmingly produced in unhealthy body, we realized a Mandelbrot set of crystals of Balur liquid after rubbed over the human body. The Balur waste proceeds self- producing structures when it is either freeze or dried. Since the chemicals used in Balur can only proceeds self-producing structures after it was rubbed over the human skin, we consider that they may interact with components coming out from the human bodies. The chemical analytic procedures done indicate some heavy metals such as Mercury enabled to be pulled out from the body and persist in the waste. We also realized that the electrical current from the copper plate move into the ground shows more and more patterned order as much as the repeating number of balur treatments. The electrical current pattern indicates the improving metabolicorder of the patients. We also observe and analyze the existing metal radicals as well as possible existing biradicals in the waste using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Apparatus. The data indicates some characteristic of the ESR pattern of the waste can be concluding to be relating with the kind of diseases. We are now use ESR patterns to diagnose of improving conditions of the patients.

In case of cigarette smoke, our opinion is in regard with nano-particulates of the smokes. Please note that we used cigarette commonly formulated as Kretek cigarette, a special Indonesian cigarette. The, cigarette is not only containing tobacco leaves but also clove and some other plant materials used for traditional medicine. We add some chemical scavenger to formulate the cigarette which is mostly aromatic compounds enables to develop biradicals complex structures with the smoke components when it is burned. The aromatic compounds used in the formulation designed to involve in these complex structures without involving the chemical bonding capacities, but they use their magnetic and paramagnetic as well as diamagnetic capacities. As it may seen in the web-site, we hypothesized complex particulates of the smoke which is drawn below, are rich with electron dense. The smoke of these cigarettes can also develop Mandelbrot set of crystals when introduced to some amino acids indicating a self-producing structures capacity. In the term of metabolic logic this complex particulate are having high energetic potential to transfer electron.

This is mostly similar character with some other biological complex structures having role on transferring and carrying electron such as Chlorophyll, Cytochrome as well as Hemoglobin.

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