The Controversial of Nicotine in Tobacco

Since the industry was growing fast at l970-1975, particularly Indonesia which has many volcano land (75 % from the world) started with exploration. Mining & Gas industry explored mercury/amalgamate which coming in contact with solar-ray to become Hg* /amalgamate* (exited mercury) sunray becoming dangerous because of the character on sensitizer (PDF GW), absorbed UVC* very fast and keep or transfer to other substrate. The outrageous amalgamate gas on air will be exited, might be formed as ion mercuric radical and electron, which having relativistic effects. That will .cause our land mercury gas* exerted and captured by gold in nicotine of tobacco leaves becoming Toxic Tobacco.

Our groups are non smokers’ scientist, feeling headache breathing near smoker. We begin to feel such headache in the past 20 years in which it was not happened before those periods. We also realized that our fathers, grand Fathers and uncles are heavy smokers. They were strong and almost never sick. Their lives were also beyond the average life span of our population. Recently, everyone knew smoking was not good, for those who over- indulged in it, and the Public Health rightly warned people repeatedly about health risk of smoking. Those who took up the habit did so knowing of the risk, but feeling pleasure and benefits of smoking out weight its long term risk. That time was no deal because it wasn’t an issue, but recently antis, an organization fund by Pharmacy, accused smokers as criminal, where they made varied club.

The Benefit of Devine Nanostructure of tobacco is the characteristic of its molecular which have the intra spin-spin interaction of the conjugated di-HO-Phenanthrenedienyl having large electron density in which the electron is very mobile. The huge molecule block (nanostructure) constructed is stable and become the transducer for Hg captured in nicotine due to its sensitizer character. These molecule blocks eliminate the toxicity of Hg.

The sunlight energy kept excited Hg* in the center of nicotine where energy is used to separate an electron from the opposite charge (called a hole). The electron is pushed quite a long way from the hole and is captured by another nanostructure (one of them are phenanthrenes). This very complex Fe3+–O2- permit charge recombination in such a way that energy of combination is filtered off.

These are characters of particulate of nano structure of the Divine Tobacco Smoke:

  • Higher velocity of smoke
  • Translucent blue fluorescence color (not misted)
  • Deodorant (Odorless)
  • Preservatives
  • High Refractive polymer
  • Higher birefringence as compared to its constituents

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